Creating Value and Beauty with Softscapes

SoftscapesSoftscape is a term that covers all the living material outside your home such as: sod, trees, shrubs, flowers and ground cover. Let’s examine each material and it’s importance:

The Well Manicured Lawn

In the United States the lawn remains the most dominant landscape feature. Our front lawns provide a sense of invitation and accessibility to our home, while the back lawn allows a platform for family activities.

If you have been struggling with your grass due to drought conditions, weeds, or a slope that erodes when it rains, perhaps it is time to consider installing new sod. Property Masters has experience in excavating and preparing your yard for sod. Perhaps your soil has too much clay and adding organic material is needed. We know just what fertilizers to use in order to sustain and promote healthy grass growth. Our excavating contractor will effectively prepare the area for sod by filling in any low spots that hold water and removing any humps. Newly laid sod is usually fully functional within 30 days of installation.

Tree Service

A yard lacking trees is like a blank canvas. A few well placed trees offer more than just visual appeal but also welcome shade for those “Hotlanta” summer months. Properly placed trees will provide privacy and beauty.

Our landscape designers can help you choose the best tree for the best location. However, there are times when a tree needs to come down. Whether you need a tree planted, pruned or removed PROPERTY MASTERS has the necessary equipment and the expertise to complete the job.


If your home is nearing it’s 10th birthday, chances are pretty good that the shrubs planted by your builder have filled in and are looking tired. With warm muggy summers and mild winters Georgia shrubs enjoy a long growing season. Take a drive around your subdivision and look at the difference between a house that has replaced and rearranged the original plants and those that have not. Clearly, new shrubs give the front of the house a fresher, cleaner look.

Removing shrubbery is no easy task, especially those sharp holly bushes that builders love to plant. Shrubs can have extensive root systems that can become intertwined with underground utilities. PROPERTY MASTERS has the tools and experience to remove any shrub completely and safely. Our designers will help you select appropriate and price effective bushes for your home and garden style. With the right combination of shrubs we can create a visually pleasing yard characterized by contrast, proportion, scale and balance.

Flowers and Ground Cover

Many homeowners choose to incorporate both perennials and annuals into there garden plan. For example, pansies are annuals that are often planted in the late fall to provide color which winters through and comes back in early spring. Daylily, Black-Eyed Susan and Purple Coneflower are popular perennials that come back year after year. Our local perennials require minimal care and are easy to grow and look great. From a design perspective we can guide you how to use flowers in select locations on your property so they can add a nice punch of color to your landscape arrangement.

Ground covers and mulch can be the “icing on the cake” and is any material that covers or touches the ground that enables plants or soil to be covered. Mulch ground cover serves to keep soil from eroding and moving to other areas and allows moisture to be kept within plant beds. The popular choice in the Atlanta area are: pine straw, pine nuggets, cypress and hardwood mulch.

The Property Masters team is able to create an environment that will add value and beauty to your home. Depending on your individual needs and desires our trained staff will guide you in choosing the right products to provide a softscape plan that will enhances your home and makes you proud.