Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor landscape lightingThere is no shortage of beautiful homes in the north metro Atlanta area. Georgians love their homes and yards and they put a lot of time and money in their largest investment, so why not show it off after the sun goes down too?

Atlanta Landscape Lighting

Installing LED low voltage lighting on the architecture of your home, beautiful trees and shrubs will enable you (and your neighbors) to appreciate your valuable property. As energy costs rise LED lighting is ideal for outdoor lighting in Atlanta, they lower utility bills, and offer pinpoint directional lighting. The bulbs burn very cool and have a long life since they have no fragile filament or tube to contend with, making them resistant to heat, cold, and shock.

Many of us work long hours and can’t take full advantage of our yards because it gets dark soon after we arrive home. LED low voltage lighting allows you to extend your outdoor enjoyment well into the evening. Lighting your garden will transform itself into a magical place that looks totally different than it does in the daylight. Special trees can be highlighted from below and soft lights shining on flowering plants make them appear to glow. The lighting itself creates an elegant unique atmosphere when spending time in your outdoor space.

Outdoor Lighting for Safety

The practical benefits of outdoor lighting can include the added safety and security of your property and family. When your walkways and doorways are well lit it promotes safe access for your visitors and loved ones. An outdoor lighting system is the cure for any area or your yard that is masked in darkness. LED lighting when installed by a professional provides illumination for safe navigation along pathways, stairs and other obstacles on your property.

When the lights are on it discourages would be burglars. Good illumination decreases the likelihood of vandalism. In fact, after a robbery many homeowners consult with a burglary alarm company when in fact they should be consulting with a professional contractor with experience in outdoor lighting. A security system is a good investment but burglars have more time to figure out how to access an unlit home. A well-lit home places a burglar or vandal in a more noticeable position on your property.

At Property Masters we believe that it is just as important to highlight the natural beauty of the outside of your home as it is on the inside. For this reason we offer a fine selection of LED up lights, down lights, and path lights with lifetime warranties through the manufacturer. Contact us to speak with an Atlanta landscape and architectural lighting system expert.

Atlanta Outdoor Lighting

In addition to highlighting the architectural features of your home, outdoor lighting in Atlanta serves as a deterrent to theft and reduces the risk of someone tripping or falling on your property after dark. There are a number of beautiful and functional options to consider when selecting outdoor lighting. One of our outdoor lighting specialists will gladly walk you through all of the options and assist you in selecting the right lighting solution for your outdoor spaces.