Landscape Design, Installation & Maintenance

Property Masters certified landscape design installation specialists and experienced lawn maintenance reps help property owners throughout Atlanta create and maintain the outdoor spaces that add value to their properties. Property Masters is the premier Atlanta Landscaping company dedicated to the highest level of service in the industry.

We are committed to…

  • Quality Customer Experiences
  • Comprehensive and Detail Oriented Services
  • Efficient Maintenance Cycles & Design Process
  • 100% Customer Saitisfaction

Who We Are

The mission of Property Masters Landscape Design Specialists is to provide value and beautify your outdoor space. Whether you want to maximize the beauty for long-term enjoyment or need to prepare it for sale; we offer the highest-quality design and installation that will transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional extension of your property.

Premium Atlanta Landscape Design Process

  • A Georgia Certified Landscape Professional meets with you for an onsite design consultation.
  • You communicate your vision, your needs, and your goals for the area.
  • The GCLP presents product samples, picture books to help fine-tune specifics.
  • Your landscape design services are complimentary if your project is executed.

Service Area

Property Masters is proud to serve local and regional clients with a concentration of our residential landscape design projects falling within the Greater Atlanta area and commercial projects spanning throughout the Southeast.

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